Repair and maintenance of disinfection systems and cold foggers

Repair and maintenance service for DiosolGenerator H2O2 disinfection systems

Your device maintenance every 24 months at the latest: For the most reliable disinfection results with scientific claim

Wir stellen für Sie sicher, dass Ihre DIOP-Kaltnebelsysteme garantiert nach aktuellem Stand der Technik funktionieren - rechtlich immer 100% auf der sicheren Seite!

For all DIOP disinfection units, maintenance is mandatory at least every 24 months to ensure the high disinfection performance of Diosol generators in terms of quality management. Without a valid original DIOP maintenance, your disinfection system may no longer be used for disinfection measures. This is an approved, scientifically validated disinfection procedure (but without regular maintenance this is no longer the case!).

Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance: The test badges

Why is the maintenance of DIOP room disinfection systems indispensable for you?

The following 6 points illustrate why regular maintenance of DIOP cold fogging units is necessary. Only in the case of regular maintenance will you actually have an EN-certified disinfection procedure in valid form:

1. disinfect permanently according to European hygiene standards

Regular maintenance ensures that you are legally and actually using a disinfection process tested according to European standards (DiosolGenerator only in combination with Diosol biocides).

European standard DIN EN 17272

H2O2 room disinfection according to: European standard DIN EN 17272

2. implement impeccable disinfection processes

Careful in-house maintenance by our experienced service technicians ensures for you that your disinfection measures are microbiologically effective in terms of disinfection results (5 to 7 log levels depending on the Diosol concentration). Otherwise, there is a risk of limited functionality, so that disinfection results can no longer be achieved. 

Disinfection measures

Carry out safe and high-quality disinfection measures

3. meet the requirements of the employers' liability insurance association

In the DGUV Information 207-206 in chapter 2 "Room disinfection" you can read under point 2.7 the following "official" minimum standard for the purpose of maintenance for fogging devices:

"Irrespective of the method in question and chosen, the following minimum organisational and technical standards must be met for every room disinfection:
5. Regular and documented maintenance of the evaporation and fogging equipment used

Rules of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association

Meet legal requirements and maintenance recommendations in terms of quality management

4. your "licence" for room disinfection with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide disinfection procedures by means of fogging are disinfectants and disinfection procedures tested and recognised by the "Robert Koch Institute". In order to be able to benefit from such a recognised cold fogging process, a continuous function test in the sense of maintenance is accordingly necessary.

RKI recognised disinfection procedures

Disinfection processes only by regularly maintained disinfection systems

5. repair and maintenance: your 100% technical support for all questions

Our technically-savvy customer support team and our technical sales team will be happy to assist you with all relevant technical questions from A to Z. Let us advise you comprehensively so that your DiosolGenerator is fully operational for your complex disinfection work. 

Repair and maintenance

Technical support for your Diosol generators

DGUV 3 test device

Annual DGUV 3 inspection for diosol generators

6. have DGUV 3 regulation confirmed

As a company, you must ensure that your electrical systems and equipment are operated in accordance with the electrotechnical regulations.

In addition to device maintenance, we therefore also test your electrical devices (Diosol generators) with the latest measuring technology in accordance with DGUV V3 (formerly BGV A3).

You need an individual offer for the maintenance of your H2O2 cold fogger DiosolGenerator?

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