H2O2 decontamination airlock model "MICRO

The walk-in hydrogen peroxide lock model "MICRO" for ultimate and recorded equipment reprocessing.

To meet today's hygiene requirements in terms of process safety, efficiency and automation, a reliable decontamination process based on hydrogen peroxide is the basic prerequisite.

The advanced DIOP micro-aerosol decontamination technology guarantees fast and safe disinfection cycles for the reprocessing of pharmaceutical equipment as well as for the disinfection of medical devices, emergency medical tools, orthopaedic products and laboratory equipment in research areas.

The DIOP decontamination airlock MICRO is available in sizes from 150 x 150 x 216 cm (W x L x H) and can be custom-configured. It is a digitised hydrogen peroxide material lock for a safe, fast and validatable decontamination process.

The H2O2 airlock with DIOP cold mist technology guarantees you intelligent, material-friendly and 100% automated surface decontamination. This means a valuable acceleration and increase in efficiency for your disinfection processes.

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Which diverse equipment can you have disinfected automatically and logged without stress, cost and time pressure?

The range of equipment that you can have reassuringly validated reprocessed is very diverse. As a rule, our decontamination locks based on diosol hydrogen peroxide are used for all human medical, emergency medical, veterinary and orthopaedic devices and medical products that cannot be thermally reprocessed.

We recommend the Decontamination Lock System "Micro" for the following small and medium-sized equipment as well as electrical equipment:

  • Non-sterile / semi-critical medical devices and medical technology equipment
  • Microscopes and blood analysis systems
  • Emergency medical equipment such as ventilators and defibrillators as well as their individual components
  • Radios, computers, laptops, smartphones, circuit boards, motherboards etc.
  • Orthopaedic leg prostheses incl. sensitive microchips
  • Wheelchairs and e-scooters and other equipment in medical supply stores
  • All types of rehabilitation aids from hospitals and care facilities
  • Laboratory and pharma-technical equipment
  • And many kinds of different equipment more...

The clever high-performance disinfection airlock for your reliable-validated 6 log decontamination according to the current state of the art.

With our automated high-tech airlock "MICRO", you are optimally equipped to carry out demanding, complete and validated disinfection processes according to the current state of the art. Any decontamination process can be easily validated by the expert user with the DIOP H2O2 decontamination airlock according to the pharmaceutical hygiene standard 6 log levels.

Decontamination EN 17272

H2O2 decontamination airlock with EN 17272 tested technology

Your unique advantages at a glance

Do you want and need to reliably validate and microbiologically safeguard your equipment disinfection processes according to the highest hygienic standards? Then hydrogen peroxide disinfection technology using micro-aerosol cold fogging is exactly the certified H2O2 process you need and which provides you with tangible added value.  

MICRO Disinfection sluice!

Get more information about our high level decontamination airlocks here free of charge and without obligation:

  • Properly validated and seamless 6-log aHP disinfection processes
  • Safe reprocessing of small to medium-sized products and devices that cannot be thermally sterilised
  • Guarantees you reproducible disinfection quality in accordance with European standards and the current state of technology
  • Safety for your employees (no use of carcinogenic formaldehyde or high doses of gaseous hydrogen peroxide > 30%)
  • Easy to integrate into existing operating procedures and hygiene concepts
  • Fully digitised for high reproducibility and easy validation according to the European disinfection standard DIN EN 17272. Can also be remotely controlled or operated via smartphone, laptop and computer.
  • Fast process, exposure and aeration times: Cycle completed within 60 minutes
  • Unique microbiological results even in humid to wet environments
  • Low-maintenance and cost-effective reprocessing processes

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the walk-in H2O2 airlock MICRO from DIOP

Read our FAQ on the MICRO hydrogen peroxide material lock here and benefit from the current state of the art in cleanroom technology and equipment disinfection:

Can the disinfection measure in the material lock be logged?

Yes, the measuring sensors of the H2O2 disinfection airlock log all relevant process parameters at time intervals of 30 seconds. The digital protocol is transferred as a PDF document to the USB stick connected to the chamber. You can then conveniently read out this generated disinfection certificate/log via computer or notebook.


Why is hydrogen peroxide more useful than UV-C light?

You can read about the advantages of the biocidal agent hydrogen peroxide or the disadvantages of physical UV-C disinfection in our blog post here.


Can there be material damage to your equipment? How high is the risk of condensation?

Material damage and damp/wet condensation can be excluded due to the interval-based fogging process. An overview list of tested and disinfectable products is available on request from our state-certified disinfectors.


Why is the DIOP H2O2 hydrogen peroxide airlock more useful than a disinfection airlock based on gaseous hydrogen peroxide?

The advantages of aHP fogging technology over gaseous or vaporised hydrogen peroxide disinfection processes are significant and numerous. These include the following:

  • Shorter microbiological exposure times and thus faster "fumigation cycles".
  • Same disinfection results with significantly less hydrogen peroxide concentration (much lower gas loads in the disinfection chamber protect the equipment all the more reliably).
  • Low-maintenance technology
  • User-friendly

Why does the DIOP H2O2 material lock make more sense than an ozone-based technique?

The advantages of cold-mist hydrogen peroxide over ozonisation / disinfection by ozone generators are of an essential nature. These include the following:

  • EN 17272 certified disinfection process
  • Effective even with strong biofilms on the surfaces
  • In accordance with the Biological Substances Ordinance and the Hazardous Substances Ordinance as well as the associated technical regulations
  • Can also compensate for sub-optimal humidity levels

What are the delivery times for DIOP lock solutions?

Our disinfection chambers and disinfection sluices are high-end products with special electronics and high-quality materials (especially stainless V4A stainless steel). Depending on the order situation, you can calculate with production and delivery times of approximately 6 to 11 weeks from the order date.

Do I have the relevant process parameters in view at all times?

Yes, through the automated disinfection documentation and logging, all decisive disinfection parameters are tracked. These include relative humidity, ambient temperature, ppm readings for hydrogen peroxide, etc.


How robust is the housing and the materials used in the hydrogen peroxide lock?

Extremely robust and durable. The high-quality V4A housing is also scratch-resistant. All linked electronics and hoses are hydrogen peroxide resistant.

On which technology is the Decontamination Lock MICRO based?

The hygiene sluice for automated decontamination of sensitive equipment is based on the so-called "Micro-aerosol cold fogging technology". with H2O2 concentrations below 20% (also known as "aerogenic disinfection" or internationally as "airborne disinfection"). The suspended micro-aerosols ensure complete disinfection including a highly effective, short gas phase.

How long or short is the complete disinfection cycle?

The disinfection cycle lasts 60 minutes including process and reaction time. This is followed by a short aeration and deaeration phase so that the disinfection airlock can then be safely operated again by users or reloaded.

Who installs and sets up the H2O2 lock on my premises? How long does the commissioning process take?

You can sit back comfortably because our specialised technicians and disinfectors will ensure a smooth installation of the H2O2 decontamination airlock at your site (in-house installation service). Depending on which airlock model (Micro, Compact or Comfort) you have ordered from us, installation takes between 6 and 10 hours for 2 of our employees. In the case of specific or more complex on-site conditions, it may take longer.

Which interfaces do you need or which room air conditioning requirements are necessary?

To install your material lock or H2O2 lock, you only need an exhaust air duct with at least DN 150. Thus, the mobile disinfection booth can be connected to your exhaust air system without any problems.

Which approved and effective disinfectant is used in the H2O2 decontamination airlock?

Since the users / operators of the airlock technology usually aim for sporicidal validation (6 log step reduction), our disinfection booths are operated with Diosol 19 PURE (special stabilised hydrogen peroxide). You can read aboutthe requirements for high-performance fogging agents here...

What is my investment for the purchase of a DIOP material lock?

Feel free to email us at info@diopgmbh.com and we will provide you with an individual offer free of charge and without obligation.

In which languages can I operate the digital display of the Decon airlock?

We currently offer the touchscreen in 4 different languages: German, English, French and Spanish. However, you are welcome to book your country-specific language via one of our language packages. 

Why not buy a pig in a poke with us?

DIOP GmbH & Co. KG has been an established and leading provider of certified disinfection automation solutions for more than 15 years. Therefore, we naturally offer you an on-site inspection appointment for a fee before you purchase a disinfection chamber. This investment will of course be refunded or credited to you upon subsequent purchase. So you do not take any risk here.