Cold fogging process with hydrogen peroxide technology

Smart 3D disinfection technology for rooms, vehicles, equipment, medical devices and co.

By means of the DiosolGenerator cold mist system, the disinfectant diosol (hydrogen peroxide with or without silver ions) is atomised in the room/vehicle etc. as a floating micro-aerosol via the air (also called "cold fogging", "aerogenic disinfection" or "aerosol disinfection"). Through this finest H2O2 active agent mist, the diosol reaches all surfaces, the room air as well as the smallest crevices and gaps.

The three-dimensional cold fogging process is also known as "aerosolised hydrogen peroxide" (aHP for short). 

DIOP's innovative and scientifically proven cold fog technology is a scientific hygiene standard not to be confused with cheap plastic ULV foggers and handheld foggers.

What is hydrogen peroxide cold mist?

H2O2 cold mist is a very fine, suspended disinfection mist in the micrometre range (droplet sizes in μm).  

This fine mist of active ingredient is created by a perfect interaction between an aerosol generator (e.g. DiosolGenerator) and an aerosol disinfectant (e.g. Diosol).

The proven, biocidal active ingredient hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 for short) has already been used successfully for many decades for disinfection measures of all kinds in a way that is gentle on the environment.

This highly efficient mixture provides you with powerful and complete room, air and surface disinfection in accordance with the European disinfection standard DIN EN 17272.

Aerogenic disinfection: Automated and touchless according to EN standard

With the automated and aerogenic disinfection method ("Touchless Disinfection), you not only achieve seamless room disinfection, but also a highly effective disinfection result (surface disinfection plus room air disinfection).

Even with our Diosol hydrogen peroxide content of 3%, you can ensure a bactericidal and virucidal disinfection effect with an exposure time of just 60 minutes. The sporicidal efficacy (RKI range of action ABCD) is achieved within 60 minutes with Diosol 19.

Already during and after the cold mist disinfection process, the environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water. 

Cold fogging method according to scientific standard against corona, 4-MRGN and spores

In your professional disinfection measures (e.g. COVID 19 pandemic disinfections, final disinfections, infection prevention, etc.), never rely on cold mist methods, which have not been scientifically proven.

At DIOP, we provide you with a validated cold fogging process in accordance with the authoritative DIN EN 17272 as well as the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Benefit from a flexible and user-friendly hygiene standard in the fight against multi-resistant pathogens, moulds, mould spores, coronaviruses, non-enveloped viruses as well as spores.

Individual configuration of cold foggers and disinfection chambers

Do you need us to provide you with a starter package that meets your individual and demanding disinfection processes? No problem.

No matter whether cold mist device, cold mist disinfectant, cold mist accessories for vehicle disinfection (cars, buses, mobile homes, emergency vehicles, etc.) or a high-tech disinfection chamber for the reprocessing of medical devices and medical equipment.

Of course, also solutions for the disinfection of air conditioning systems, shafts, false ceilings, angled room air technical systems (RLT's), safety cabinets, incubators, isolators and much more.

With us, you get exactly what you need for complete disinfection - no ifs, ands or buts.

Your advantages compared to other disinfection processes at a glance

  • Legal security through EN standards: Disinfection procedure tested at European level, see DIN EN 17272
  • Essential advantages over methods based on UV-C irradiation or sodium hypochlorite disinfection (active chlorine released from hypochlorous acid)
  • Complete and material-friendly interior disinfection compared to treatment with ozone generators
  • More economical than hydrogen peroxide room fumigations or hazardous formaldehyde fumigations according to TRGS 522 
  • Hydrogen peroxide procedures are in the "List of disinfectants and disinfection procedures tested and approved by the Robert Koch Institute".

The H2O2 cold fogging process in the press and media

  • Seamless hygiene, validatable surface disinfection and proven infection protection using hydrogen peroxide cold mist
  • Exciting press articles as well as articles from the trade press and daily press from more than 10 years of DIOP GmbH & Co. KG
  • Authors with many years of expertise including: Infection epidemiology, hygiene inspection, hospital hygiene, decontamination, drinking water hygiene, surface sealing, validation, hygiene experts, odour neutralisation, crime scene cleaning, mould remediation and many more.